Radiophonic Oddity

Radiophonic Oddity emerged from a burst of raw emotion — an uncontainable need to express feelings that other media couldn't capture. Crafted in an intense 6-month period, each of the eight tracks resonates with a unique emotional vibrancy. This collection stands as a testament to a specific time, a specific feeling, and a singular burst of creativity. 

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What People Say

Radiophonic Oddity, Sim_01's debut, is a sonic journey you can't miss. From "Twilight" to "Metro Morning," it defies techno norms with immersive ambiance. Each track, especially standouts "Bring Me" and "Noontime," transports you to a unique auditory world. Experience it with good headphones; it's a game-changer.

John S.

I was instantly drawn to this CD a friend recommended! Sim_01 blends complex, energizing beats with a potent bass that's utterly captivating. The tracks showcase technical brilliance, clever humor in "Twilight," emotional richness in "Bring Me," and captivating sonic landscapes in "Metro Morning." "Cyclotron" stands out, its layered composition sparking a childlike urge to dance with every listen.

Lisa D.

This is an incredible Disc. I found that track after track the music was energized and aggressive. Listening in the car I was intrigued by the maze of methods and music created. But found my self just hammered once I plunked the CD in my DiscMan. The stereo effects nearly had me cross-eyed. This is quite simply one of the best electronic CDs I own.

Donald M.

This CD is great. The songs are fun, full of bass, and mixed with precision. I listen to this at work, at the gym, and at home. I recommend this to anyone who likes engaging, unique, and exciting electronic music. What a find!!!!

Howard R.

Radiophonic Oddity is good solid techo all the way through. Every song is one you will want to listen to again and again to examine the fullness of sound and technique. A very unique presentation. I love it.

Dana W.

SIM_01's music is a richly layered tapestry of groovy drums 'n' bass, vintage analog synth sounds, and exotic nuances. Meticulous craftsmanship crowns each track.

Alex D.